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    vpnc freezes computer with kernel 2.6.33-gentoo-r2, x86_64

    I am trouble trying to get vpnc to work on my laptop.

    Using the same computer via Ubuntu, it works fine.

    I used to use an older kernel with the cisco vpn client, but had to go through the motions of turning off cpus in order for it to work. I gave that trick a try and it does not work.

    I pretty much followed the instructions from:
    Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Gentoo vpnc HOWTO

    The machine completely locks up right after I enter my password...

    I don't see anything relevant in the /var/log/messages file.

    Is there another log file to look into specific to the vpnc?

    Any one have any suggestions....


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    vpnc freezes computer HELP!! Linux VPN/ Netwrok Expert!


    I am still trying to get VPNC to work on gentoo linux, kernel version 2.6.33, x86_64.

    The problem occurs as soon as I enter the password and it tries to make its connection.

    I am tailing the /var/log/messages and doing a dmesg command via a loop, and running tcpdump.

    Here is what happens:

    as root
    > # vpnc
    Password for VPN username@XXXXX@ipaddress
    VPNC started in background (pid: 2344) ...
    > #

    System completely freezes

    in dmesg output & logfile output I see:

    [9309.539025] tun: Universal TUN/TAP device driver, 1.6
    [9309.539027] tun: (C) 1999-2004 Max Krasnyansky <>

    tcpdump relatd output shows:
    09:58:03.062988 IP computer.ipsec-nat-t > DestMachine.ipsec-nae-t: NONESP-encap: [|isakmp]
    09:58:03.124601 IP DestMachine.ipsec-nae-t > computer.ipsec-nat-t: NONESP-encap: [|isakmp]
    09:58:03.124746 IP computer.ipsec-nat-t > DestMachine.ipsec-nae-t: NONESP-encap: [|isakmp]
    09:58:03.126574 IP DestMachine.ipsec-nae-t > computer.ipsec-nat-t: NONESP-encap: [|isakmp]
    09:58:03.126727 IP computer.ipsec-nat-t > DestMachine.ipsec-nae-t: NONESP-encap: [|isakmp]
    09:58:03.128784 IP computer.ipsec-nat-t > DestMachine.ipsec-nae-t: NONESP-encap: [|isakmp]

    Can anyone tell me what to look for/what settings to check, etc.
    What to check in kernel, what setting could be missed ? ? ?

    Thanks !!!


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    you find a fix by any chance?

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    Got VPNC working [solved]

    In order to get mine to work, I disabled configuration options that I previously set in the kernel for KVM:
    unchecked Virtualization, left TUN/TAP as module, and unchecked bridging & Vlan support, see below.

    Works now without crashing.

    Also to note, I believe you must load TUN first before running vpnc
    modprobe tun

    [ ] Virtualization --->

    # this needs to still be checked for VPNC, so I left that
    Device Drivers --->[*] Network device support --->
    <M> Universal TUN/TAP device driver support

    Networking options --->
    <*> 802.1d Ethernet Bridging │ │
    │ │ <*> 802.1Q VLAN Support

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    vpnc can't connect internet once connected to VPN

    After connecting vpn using vpnc. I can not access the internet. My /etc/resolv.conf seems ok, but I am guessing there must be some addition routing that needs to be done.

    Does anyone know how to do this?


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