If you are trying to assign multiple static IP addresses to interfaces Eth1 and Eth2. Do you use IP aliasing e.g. eth2, eth2:0, eth3, eth3:0 or do you use bind to bind multiple interafaces. If you use aliasing...can you use both eth2 and eth2:0 to receive and transmit packages.

E.g. - eth1 subnet gateway - - eth1 subnet gateway - - eth2 subnet gateway - - eth2 subnet gateway -

which method should be used to be able to use both ip addresses (e.g. eth2) to receive and transmit packages? a. using IP aliases to assign multiple ip's to the eth2 network interface (e.g. ifcfg-eth2, ifcfg-eth2:0) or b. using bind to bind multiple IP interfaces and then assign ip addresses using bind:0 bind:1 bind:2 etc.

Is one preferred over the other. Thanks.