I have VPN service (AceVPN) and using OpenVPN that I like to share to my computers and my Android phone.
I have been trying to set up Squid and then connect with my browsers but I cant get it to work like I want.

I only want my proxy traffic going through the VPN and no other traffic, so that I easy can choose what traffic and when I want it going to the VPN (with ProxySwitchy in Chrome).

It would be working exactly like I want if I could set the routing not to use my VPN and in Squid send all traffic to the VPN interface. But I cant figure out if that is possible.

And help would be VERY welcome as I'm soon going crazy trying everything and still can't get it like I want.

I don't all my traffic going through the VPN as I have limited bandwidth.

Regards, Khenke.