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    2 nics and bonding

    On my computer i have 1 network card and 1 USB modem for Mobile Internet. I can access internet using both devices, but when i am using the network card i am unable to listen to radio stations because the radio streaming is not allowed at the work place. So, i am triyng to find a solution and the solution seems to be to use the bonding module on linux. But i have a few question:
    1) i don't know if it is possible to use this module for 2 such different devices
    2) i don't know if, even enabling bonding, i will be able to "select" the right path in order to reach the radio streaming , or if the right path is selected automatically. When i connect to the radio station using the network card, it opens the connection, but it closes it imediately and i am not sure that the kernel is clever enough to use the other connection in this case.

    What do you think?

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    I think this is not the solution. Bonding is to make an agreation of the links. To get more bandwidth and/or to get redunduncy if a link fail. You cannot decide for one protocol to go a link and the remaining on the other.
    What is possible to do is to use the advanced routing facilities to have different routing table depending of the protocol / detination IP or so. Take a look at Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control HOWTO
    You wan match directely or use iptables to mark packet and match on that mark (maybe easier if you know already iptables).

    BUT be carefull with this config (you can make yourself in a dangerous position with your company security policies). It IS possible with this config from someone from the internet to break into your computer from the mobile card and then use it as a bridge to your company network !! So you may avoid this or at least install good firewalling policies.

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    Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try to follow your advice and use that path for searching instead.

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