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    Question public subnet behind Linux Router

    following are my Linux router information

    eth1= WAN IP=
    eth0= LAN IP=

    Chain POSTROUTING (policy ACCEPT)
    target prot opt source destination
    MASQUERADE all --

    routing table is

    My ISP gave me IP Pool to use this on my LAN.
    my question is how can I use this IP pool on LAN side interface.
    i think now its simple. /24 is my LAN network and I can not change this, because i have near 180 PCs on my LAN.

    Help require.


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    you were assigned the subnet, thus you can address exactly the subnet mask count of computers from the internet by nat forwarding packets for these single ip's to a /29 subnet within your LAN and assigning the router device to listen for all the IPs from the subnet.

    so, nat forwarding the subnets would be (the ? is variable): => 192.168.1.?/29

    i.e. =>

    it can be easily done with iptables. use the search button or ask google how to set up nat forward.
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    I did this but still no victory


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    You did what? For each ip you need to configure 3 things:

    1] router must listen on that ip (man ifconfig)
    2] router must accept the packets for the ip (man iptables)
    3] router must nat forward the packets for that ip to the internal subnet ip address (man iptables)

    As you have a /29 subnet, you should have 2^(32-29) = 8 ip addresses starting with

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