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    Dedicated Server DNS Problems

    I'm not sure where to post this, but this forum looked like the best bet. If I'm in a totally wrong area, if somebody could direct me to another forum I would be more than grateful.

    I have a dedicated server set up with a Plesk 10 domain license. What I am trying to do is set up DNS for a couple domains manually, so I don't have to use up the 10 domain limit in plesk. These domains are fairly unimportant compared to the ones in the Plesk control panel, which is why I am trying to set them up manually.

    The domain name in question is "". I have the following entry in /etc/resolv.conf:


    I also have the nameservers for shoesforher set up to my nameservers. If I ping these 2 nameservers, the response is what I would expect. (Also keep in mind all my other domains are fully functional, set up with Plesk.)

    However, "" is not resolving. If I do a host command "host" the IP that is returned is not the IP of my server at all, but of "" which is our old (shared) server's IP!

    What is going on here? Any help would be very much appreciated. I have never set up a production site 100% using the command line here, so if I'm doing something wrong don't hold back

    And don't give me an answer "use plesk" because we simply cannot afford that! I also am hoping to learn from this.

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    Hi and welcome,

    have you checked who is giving you the answer? I mean, who is the dns server that gives you the information about the "" domain? It could be easily that:

    1] your host or a dns cache you access has the old IP stored
    2] another dns server resolves your host to a wrong IP because it didn't receive the updated information yet or wasn't (de)configured properly
    3] your dns server is configured wrong (learn how to configure it properly, also the firewall parts)
    4] your dns server is not authorative (contact your ISP)

    Keep in mind that the dns information takes some time (I've seen a time span up to 8 hours) to populate through the net.

    PS: i can see your old server is up and running, but I cannot dns resolve the "" domain.
    PPS: for the other domain "", my dns request times out, but the host is up and running.

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    When you made the changes to the zone file did you remember to update the serial number and reload the zone?


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