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    Talking Maybe not that great, but they serve their purpose.

    Yeah, NE2000 isn't that great. I just happened to have a bunch of them that aren't good except in old machines. I do have a couple of PCI Cards, but there's no point it using them in an old 500MHz machine that I use just to mess around with. Well, okay, I am currently using one of those cards in my 500MHz system right now since it works OOB, and my video card is bad (I need to buy another one). I'm jhust glad that I had the sense to install sshd and realvnc server on that system before it went down!

    But this is the only system that I still have with an ISA Slot, and I like to fool around with old stuff "just to see what people had to deal with back in the day". This is purely for "fun", so I don't mind a few dropped packets, etc. I have some old Linksys LNE2000 cards at various revisions, and I'm having a blast with them. Did you know that Revs. A & B don't support PnP mode, but Revs. C and later do? You have to run the setup program to switch to PnP mode, but hey, I'm not complaining!!

    Anyway. I have the drivers, and I came to this forum looking for info on how to get the card working under Linux, and Google led me here.

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    Re: NE2000 ISA drivers

    OK Garlicsalt,

    I know the feeling regarding the recycle of old h/w.. 3 of my boxes are running PIII CPUs but they work fast enough for their purpose.. my mail system on a little DMZ runs on a 300 Celeron O/Ced to 450, and my f/w is on a 900 Duron [chip cost $23!!]. They don't need the big crunching CPUs for those purposes.

    But, I do use the DEC network cards [or clones] cuz they are the best ones. Since DEC went out-of-business long ago, only the clones are still readily available though, like the ADMtek Comet, Macronix, and Lite-On 82c168. These can still be found on Linksys LNE100TX and Netgear FA310TX PCI cards for $10-$15 if you search. At those kind of prices, they are the best deal for network cards, IMHO. 3COM and Intel still get $60, $80, even $100 for their stuff and they are actually inferior to the DEC design.


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