Hi friends,

I'm trying to build IGMP proxy support on a MIPS platform embedded linux ver 2.6.21 by integrating an open source igmp proxy implementation.

I have integrated the proxy and I launch it on the board. I have a VLC server streaming video on my WAN and trying to use a VLC client on LAN host. From the traces, I can see that my JOIN requests are received by the proxy but I don't see any video on LAN. On the upstream Cisco router I don't see my group show up in "show ip igmp groups" and I don't see any JOIN requests from my board on the WAN. Digging further, I noticed that I don't see the group I'm trying to join in "/proc/net/igmp" and I don't anything in "/proc/net/ip_mr_cache" either. I have enabled "mc_forwarding". I have disabled firewall as well.

Could someone please guide me to what could be a problem here ? Any kernel options I could be missing ? Anything else I need to enable under proc ?