I have two linux computers. I prefer to use a network drive (could be sshfs or nfs mounted) as the home directory for both. this drive will sit on one linux computer, which I shall just call the server. the reason is that I want to maintain only one definitive copy of /home, and have everything be transparently available on both server and client most data on /home/ tends to change only very slowly. I have a choice of file systems, although I like common standards (such as ext4). I presume this is a fairly common setup.

now, the client has a large local hard drive that is mostly empty. I mean gigabytes. is it possible to use this local drive on the client for aggressive read caching of the remote network drive on the server? this way, most of the read access by the client is likely to be a confirmation of whether the local file is still current. of course, writes still have to be executed remotely. and a slow daemon could update the local disk read cache of the remote drive.

how would I do this?