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    Advantages of a dedicated Linux file server?

    At the moment I am running Windows XP on a machine on my LAN and using it primarily as a file server for three other computers. Would there be any significant advantage to running a dedicated linux fileserver on this machine instead? Is there any specific distribution that would be able to best serve in this capacity?

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    The advantages of running a fileserver for your network include (but are not limited to ) speed, non-interference, security.

    1) You will get faster response time with the dedicated server, as it's not running anything else that a normal user would be running.

    2) Same as #1, except on client-side. You don't get any lag by others streaming files from your shares.

    3) You don't really have to worry about your machine being nuked by anything, as it's not your personal box. You can also tighten it up more (blocking all but samba/NFS ports, chroot jail, etc.).
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    Well, Samba has been proven to be something around 3 times as scalable as Windows 2003 server. I dunno how much of a problem that is for you considering that you're only serving 3 machines, though. =)

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    File server suggestions

    Any suggestion for a file/print server with easy backup for a 5 user church network (win XP)

    I have just a little LINUX experience, but I don't want to become a linux expert...


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    Linux File Server - easy setup


    I have used SME 6.01 and found it very easy to set up. Check it out at

    You may also want to consider Clarkconnect as your first linux server.

    If you just want a file server without the need for any access controls (since there are only five of you), you should consider NASLITE at

    This single floppy setup can transform an old Pentium 100 box into a pretty decent file server that can hold up to 4 IDE HDD, eg. 4x 120GB HDD.

    Try it out and share your experiences.

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