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    Cant get DNS to resolve local A records

    Hi all, hope you can help me. I've just set up a linux box and am using BIND9 for DNS. Caching nameserver works great, but I have also set up a local zone called "lan" but can't seem to get the A records to resolve. Its as if the machine is ignoring the whole zone.

    All I want to be able to do is give my router and other PC's a DNS name so that I can type it in instead of having to use the IP address everytime!

    I have run named-checkconf and named-checkzone to make sure I have everything right but still cant get it to work.

    Below are the named.conf and files, hope someone can help me!

    Start named.conf:

    options {
    directory "/var/named";
    zone "." IN {
    type hint;
    file "";
    zone "" IN {
    type master;
    file "localhost.rev";
    zone "" {
    type master;
    file "lan.rev";
    allow-transfer {; };
    zone "lan" IN {
    type master;
    file "";
    notify yes;
    allow-transfer {; };
    End of named.conf

    Start of

    $TTL 3D
    @ IN SOA server.lan. root.lan. (
    2004111401 ; serial (d. adams)
    3H ; refresh
    15M ; retry
    1W ; expiry
    1D ) ; minimum
    @ IN NS server.lan.
    IN MX 10 server.lan.
    router.lan. IN A
    server.lan. IN A
    nerdina.lan. IN A
    gibblet.lan. IN A
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    hmm... I jsut came to think of one thing, are you "required" to have an reversed look up too? (IP to name, iirc 'PTR' entries)
    It might be that which causes the error, not sure, but afaik one should always provide the IP to name.
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    Just a pre-takeoff checklist:
    1. Have you set the DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf on all clients to be only
    2. Are you: A. Actually resolving "router.lan", and not just "router", or B. added "search lan" to /etc/resolv.conf on all clients?

    If you check out on both the above points, what happens if you run the following?
    host -a server.lan.


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