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    Problem with internal DNS - dyndns

    I am having trouble with resolving name when I am in my internal network. This is how my setup looks like currently:

    - Gateway server running debian lenny
    -- Runs ddclient to update IP address
    -- Has a webpage that is on the dmz with the same name https : // which is accessible externally (from outside our network), but not internally
    What is amusing is that the setup worked fine until recently, but all of a sudden it stopped resolving when trying to access it internally.

    Could somebody provide some direction please?


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    Can you resolve anything internally?
    Have you check dyndns to ensure your records are still being hosted?
    Can you post the output of 'dig'?


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    Thanks for your reply. I was able to resolve this. I had a dynamic IP from my ISP and this was hardwired in my firewall (and obviously not setup to be updated by the ddclient). I updated this manually and everything works as before. Will script this up to ensure I don't have to do this manually all the time.



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