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    IP address active but not seen

    Hi Guys

    I have a 2 node Oracle cluster running on RHEL 5.4. One server went down the other day, and then restarted. Virtual IP address switched to the other node as it should, but did not switch back where the failed node came up - problem is the ip address is still on node 2, but I cannot see it or down the interface as it does not show up with ifconfig -a. I would expect to see it on eth0:2 but only eth0:1 is showing up with the correct vip for the node. ifconfig -a on node 1 shows n vip configured. I can telnet to this ip address and login, so know it is still on node 2, so why can't ifconfig -a show it, which interface is it on, and how do I remove it so I can get it back on node 1?



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    Fixed the problem by actually assigning the ip address to eth0:2 on node 2 then downing eth0:2. Could then reassign the ip address to eth0:1 on node 1. Stop and then start Oracle nodeapps.


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