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    Internal error in samba

    I installed Samba on my machine and i Set it up so u can see the windows workgroup, which i can. But every time i click on the name of the computer i get

    Internal Error

    Unknown error condition in stat : Network is unreachable.

    and after i type in smb://(machine name) i get a username/password prompt and i tried Every user/pass combo in the world i know , even the machines user/pass and i get a message saying

    The process for the smb://(machine name) protocol died unexpectedly

    so any info on how to fix this please post....

    thanks alot

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    i assume that you are using konqueror?
    have you tried manually from the command line:
    su -
    mkdir /mnt/windows
     mount -t smbfs -o username=tridge,password=foobar //machine/name /mnt/windows

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    Correct Network Browsing: Follow steps

    1. Install popt-1.7-176.3.i586.patch.rpm

    2. Upgrade Samba from 3.02 to Samba 3.04

    1 ldapsmb-1.31-0.4.i58..> 14-May-2004 19:37 40k
    2 libsmbclient-3.0.4-1..> 14-May-2004 19:37 526k
    3 libsmbclient-devel-3..> 14-May-2004 19:37 572k
    4 samba-3.0.4-1.2.i586..> 14-May-2004 19:37 6.9M
    5 samba-client-3.0.4-1..> 14-May-2004 19:37 5.6M
    6 samba-doc-3.0.4-1.2...> 14-May-2004 19:37 10.8M
    7 samba-pdb-3.0.4-1.2...> 14-May-2004 19:37 49k
    8 samba-python-3.0.4-1..> 14-May-2004 19:37 4.4M
    9 samba-winbind-3.0.4-..> 14-May-2004 19:37 1.3M


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