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    remote connection over LAN

    Hi all

    First apologies for being a newbie and all, I thought I knew quite a bit about pc's but I must admit to feeling in waaay over my head now I'm having a go at Linux....

    I'm trying to set up an apache server with php for my local lan, i've installed mandrake 10.1 community on it and i think i've got the apache and php set up ok so far.. As I've only bought a cheapo P3 on ebay and it didnt come with a monitor I was thinking to use some sort of remote control software to administer the "server" from my own XP machine. This so i dont have to keep switched cables from my machine to the server just so i can see what's going on!

    I've found rbfdrake and i've got it working fine, but the problem with it is that I cant seem to find a way to get it to launch at startup!

    which means i still have to swap around cables every time i boot up the "server" so i can start the rbf software...

    I've found that this isn't a recommended procedure anyway with regards to any hacker with a bit of patience being able to freely roam my home network..

    Could you perhaps tell me how I can achieve my goal and how I can make it secure, preferably so that I can limit access to perhaps only 1 or 2 specific machine's on my LAN or by using a password, but without me actually having to rewire everything every time i reboot the machine...

    Your help will be much appreciated!

    Thanks! :P

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    You could just ssh into the machine. By default I think it's all setup. You can use a windows app called putty to ssh in from windows. Just download and install putty, then connect to the ip address of the machine and use normal login names and passwords.

    Of course this gives you command line only interface but it's all you need.

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    sounds great, i'll give it a try!

    So this will let me logon to the linux server without me having to start up something on it first?

    Guess i will have to leave off the autologon then, or can i autologon also without using a gui?

    i'll be back with results!

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    You might be able to set auto login, but, don't. I'm not even sure it's possible but if you did it would make it so anyone could use your computer.

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    well i've tried it with putty but no go, it just says

    network error, connection refused

    when i try.. i've created a private and public key on my xp machine and pasted the public key into a authorized_keys file in my /home folder but still no go

    I've tried also to get x11VNC running but I cant even get it to ./configure, everything i try to install keeps complaining that there's n"no acceptable cc found in $PATH" and it's looking for gcc and not finding anything. I've installed anything I could find that's go cc or gcc it but nothing seems to work...

    strange thing is that rbfdrake works fine and i can connect with no problems, but when i try and ping the machine from my XP one i get timed out..??

    I'm not so worried bout the security at the moment as this'll be a LAN server for a while anyway so I just want to be able to remotely log on to the thing without having the fool around with cables every time i reboot the thing.. surely it cant be that difficult to get a remote control tool running that I can access from a different machine without having to start up something on the server first??

    anybody got any ideas?

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    putty should work for you. The connection refused error most likely is because your firewall is blocking the ssh port by default. Just to make sure go into linux as root and turn off the firewall (service iptables stop). Then try connecting with putty and it should work. If it does just configure iptables to open the ssh port and and you'll be good to go.

    Also just to make sure ssh is installed on the box you could always type "ssh" from the linux box itself and see if it works. If it does then you just know something is blocking it (most likely the firewall).

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    Thanks, i'll give it a try!

    Had a little breakthrough yesterday, managed to get gcc and gcc++ installed after a little messing around in with updating and installing software, so i might now be able to get x11vnc running which should allow me to start it from startup..

    still would prefer to get ssh runnning though so i'll give your idea a go to see what I can do..

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    Update :o

    Got ssh to work after doing a service iptables stop! did reboot and it still worked so looks like i've identified the problem..

    now i need to try and find a way to get some sort of vnc thing running once i'm logged on via ssh. i tried to launch Xvnc but it was giving me some sort of library error.. am I looking in the right direction atleast? if i log on via ssh and then start Xvnc i should be able to remote control the machine from my XP machine right??

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    just to say thanks to all of you who gave me advice, i've got it working! :o

    using putty to set up ssh link and then launching xvncserver to get a interface if needed, works like charm!

    on the next problem...

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