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    IPCOP Configuration

    Hey all,

    I have installed IPCOP on a test machine, which will eventually replace my old NT4 Proxy Server. RED and GREEN zones are correctly setup. I have internet and FTP access through the firewall.

    However, two items have stopped working. My internal office mail server, which downloads all mail from the ISP's pop3 server, and BitTorrent.

    In the case of the mail server (VPOP3 on WinXP)), I can ping the both the pop3 and smtp mail servers through IPCOP, but it (VPOP3) cannot connect to either server to send or receive mail.

    BitTorrent also stopped working. (I'm using Azureus
    It can connect to the tracker and it tells me how many seeds and peers there are, but it can't establish any connections to seeds, or peers.

    I think it's just a matter of opening ports via the 'Port Forwarding' page, but I need some help in getting it done.

    Any ideas would be great...

    Thanks in advance,

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    What are the errors that VPOP3 gives you? It's an outgoing connection (well...the initial packet), so port forwarding shouldn't be a problem.

    As for the bt problem, I don't have any ports forwarded and everything is kosher. You may want to try forwarding ports 6881-6999 to your box. Check it out here:
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    VPOP3 doesn't give me any errors. It just doesn't connect. Seems to me like it's timing out.

    IPCOP should by default block all incoming connections, but should allow all outgoing connections from the GREEN network, right ?

    I think I should start hunting for another problem...


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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyIVAN
    IPCOP should by default block all incoming connections, but should allow all outgoing connections from the GREEN network, right ?
    You are correct ipcop allows all traffic originating from the GREEN network( your trusted LAN) though and blocks all traffic originating from the RED network(The Internet). To use services behind the firewall you need to add it to the port fowarding list via the admin panel.

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    Hey all,

    Finally managed to get back to testing this thing. It seems that IPCOP allows http and ftp traffic out, but does not allow anything else. In the case of the mail server, which downloads mail from our ISP, i get the error listed below.

    "VPOP3 reports error '11002' when trying to connect"

    The resolution to the problem is described via the link below:

    I've tried it, but it doesn't work. It's seems to be some kind of DNS resolution problem.

    Any ideas would be great...


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