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    Question Sending packets to the local interface through a route

    I want to build a topology of this kind:

    |eth0 (a.a.a.a) |
    Linux PC |<----------------> | ROUTER
    |eth1 (b.b.b.b) |

    the linux machine has two interfaces eth0 (a.a.a.a) and eth1 (b.b.b.b) connnected to two interfaces of a router.

    Now that if I send any packet destined to b.b.b.b from a.a.a.a interface on the linux machine, it should take the folowing path: eth0->router->eth1 . and it should be the same for vice versa.

    please let me know how i can achieve this. This is a part of my work so can't reveal any further information about it.

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    If the router is your default gateway you should be all set.

    One problem to avoid is the hostname. If you ping yourself your sever will out smart you and use the closest IP address.

    For whatever application you use you'll want to specify the interface to bind to. Should this be too tedious you could setup NATs on the router such as:

    eth0 =

    eth1 =

    Router NAT: ->
    Router NAT: ->

    Traffic leaving your server for the NAT of would exit eth1 and arrive at eth0.

    Pretty strange request.


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