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    Unhappy Ping problem in the test setup

    Hi all, Please don't mind or ignore if I'm asking the question about the basics, but I want to get clarified from the forums.
    I have 3systems in the lab, each has two ethernet cards set. While
    Card A-System1 :
    Card B-System1 :
    Card A-System2 :
    Card B-System2 :
    Card A-System3 :
    Card B-System3 :
    Now I have two switches where all the CardA's are connected to one switch and CardB's are connected to another Switch. Both the switches are not interconnected. This setup is made out of LAN.
    We made this setup to test different solutions of redundant ethernet network methods. I have selected bonding in linux kernel.
    Before going for the bonding method, now I have removed the CardB-System1 from switch-1 and starting to ping the But the ping is failing. To make it work I have changed all the subnet masks to Now the ping started to work.
    Can you please correct the reason of the ping failure. According to my understanding the CardA-System1 is find for the 25 series IP, which is of different network, acquired from the subnet mask. Now when I changed the subnet mask all became the same network and started pinging.

    Please anyone clarify whether my understanding is correct or not.

    If you dont understand I will send the labsetup as an image.
    Thanks in advance

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    These are two distinct subnets:

    These are one distinct subnet:


    Read about subnet masks and how the subnet bitmask impacts routing decisions.

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