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    Thumbs up what is the second varbind of an SNMPv2 notification ?

    Hi all,

    I am newbie to SNMP. I wrote an snmp trap generator application (with the help of net-snmp snmptrap.c application file which in-turn using netsnmp libraries), for sending SNMP v2 traps (notifications) on particular events from our enterprise product. Therefore, it will be an enterprise specific V2 trap. And also i defined my mib (MY-MIB.txt).

    For Example :
    Here is my enterprise notification oid :
    my_enterprise_notification_oid =

    and here is a standard snmpTrapOID.0 :
    snmptrap =

    My snmp trap Daemon recieves like this :
    dumph_recv: VarBindList
    dumph_recv: VarBind
    dumph_recv: Name
    dumpx_recv: 06 0A 2B 06 01 06 03 01 01 04 01 00
    dumpv_recv: ObjID: SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrapOID.0
    dumph_recv: Value
    dumpx_recv: 06 0C 2B 06 01 04 01 82 96 29 01 00 83 10
    dumpv_recv: ObjID: MY-MIB::my_enterprize_notitication_oid

    2010-10-27 17:21:12 localhost [UDP: []:33067->[]:
    SNMPv2-MIB::snmpTrapOID.0 = OID: MY-MIB::my_enterprize_notitication_oid MY-MIB::alertSender.0 = STRING: "Hello"

    Now i want to know. what is the second varbind (Name) for an SNMPv2 enterprise specific notification ?

    weather it will be my_enterprize_notitication_oid or snmpTrapOID.0 ?

    if second varbind name should be my_enterprize_notitication_oid in V2 enterprise specific notification, then how to structure it in my SNMPv2 PDU.

    In general:
    What is the structure of SNMPv2 PDU for enterprise specific notification ?

    Please help me regarding

    Thanks in advance
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