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    dhcpd.conf config

    Dear all,

    I've problem with some computer in my network.
    I've a Firewall Linux with iptables between my client and server networks.
    I've an Active directory on Windows 2008 R2. (don't hit me!)
    I've this configuration of dhcpd.conf

    ddns-update-style none;
    deny declines;
    deny bootp;

    But into the clients log, I've some error message about dhcp. I can give you these if you want.
    The DNS server is on the same server than the AD.
    Then the client can't mount network map the first login, they need to reboot once or twice before they appears...

    After some reseach, I would like to test this configuration of shcpd to know if the problem can come from my current configuratio.

    ddns-update-style interim;
    ddns-updates on;
    ignore client-updates;
    deny declines;
    deny bootp;

    Do you think its ok? Or something wrong?
    Maybe you have an idea about my problems?


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    Dear all,

    Nobody can help me?


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    I've remove my new settings.

    Cause (I think it come from these settings) when a computers make new request for dhcp, the dhcp give an IP but it doesn't record this computer into my DNS server...

    So I can't manage it.

    Have you an idea why? What's wrong in my settings???


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    The authorative statment can cause trouble in mixed environment with the AD server. If the AD is offline do you still get the errors?

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    Thanks tsmarks!

    I've only one AD so I can't put it offline... Or you talk about something different as I think!

    I removed the authoritative parameters of my DHCP Server.

    Thanks for you help.
    I come back to you during the week.

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    So, 2 days after remove the authoriative option, I still have the problem...

    Have you another idea?

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