I posted this on the ubuntu forums but I thought since it's a network specific question its best suited for this place.

My desktop is Win 7 and my laptop is Ubuntu 10.10. As usual I want to share files between the two. They are using the same internet connection, the desktop connected using an ethernet and the laptop wirelessly.
I have enabled sharing on my E: and F: on the desktop so while they do show up on the Windows network list on my Ubuntu laptop, if I click them it asks me for my Homegroup password which I have no idea what it is(I don't think I ever set a password). I also have "Turn off password protected sharing" checked on windows. Ubuntu has created two icons E and E$ for the E: and F and F$ for the F:. When I click E it says "Unable to mount location Failed to mount Windows share" and if click E$ then it is asking me for my HOMEGROUP password.

On the other hand the folder "Users" in windows is also shared and I can access it from Ubuntu without it asking me for any password. This is where I don't understand as to why I can share one folder but having problems viewing my other drives.

Just for information sharing a ubuntu folder in windows is working fine, I have enabled sharing on one of my folders in ubuntu and it is visible in windows and I can access all the files.

Any help would be appreciated.