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    Post Configuring Ethernet bridge!


    I am using 3 machines in a LAN connected through a hub. My intention is to have a end-to-end connection between 2 machines so that I can control delay/loss rate. For that purpose, I am using a 3rd machine with 2 NIC and intend to use a bridge and installing Dummynet in this machine to control the traffic between the other 2 machines.
    I have successfully installed Dummynet in the bridge machine. Now I require to configure Ethernet bridge in the machine.
    What is the process? Do I need a kernel compilation or can be done without it?
    I read somewhere that recent kernels can be configured without recompilation.
    I am using Mandriva 2010 with kernel.

    Your help is highly appreciated!


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    Thumbs down Reg ethernet bridging!

    I have enabled bridging with brctl.
    Now, let me rephrase my situation to make it clear:
    I require to run a voip application between 2 machines in a LAN and should be able to control the traffic i.e.delay/network loss between them to-and-fro.
    My idea of solution is: use a 3rd machine to act as a bridge between them and using dummynet to control the traffic between them. The bridge machine have 2 NIC cards and the other 2 machines have a single card each.
    I have connected all the interfaces in all the machines to a hub.
    Now, my question is whether my setup is correct to obtain my objective?
    If NO, then how should I setup to achieve my requirements.
    If YES, then how should I make the connections i.e. is it good to keep all the interface connected to the hub or any other configurations? Also, would like to know how to configure the bridge so that all the traffic between the 2 machines should always pass through the bridge.
    Since I am using dummynet to control the traffic in the bridge machine, so I presume all the traffic between the 2 voip machines should always pass through the bridge!

    Your help is highly appreciated.

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