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Thread: IPv6 to IPv4

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    IPv6 to IPv4

    I have done some searches already, on Google.
    What I need to do (want to do), is to connect a small IPv6 network to resources on IPv4.
    I can set up the machines in IPv6, and ping them. I can ping a 'router', that has an IPv4 and an IPv6 interface. I can ping the IPv4 network from this 'router', and I can ping the nodes on the IPv6 network from this 'router'.
    What I don't manage to do yet, is to ping an IPv4 address from the IPv6 network. And that's quite obvious: When I ping on a machine configured with IPv6 only, I guess this is not a valid network address.

    In a nutshell: How can I reach an IPv4 address from an IPv6 box?

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    From what I know of IPv6, there should be a concrete mapping of IPv4 addresses to the IPv6 address space. So basically a ping6 won't do, but instead a :: will work.

    The TCP/IP Guide - IPv6/IPv4 Address Embedding

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