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    best way to set up vpn


    I am trying to access my asterisk server remotely and I have hit a brick wall with my router so I have decided to got the vpn route. I am mostly a windows user and I am comfortable with hamachi. I have installed the command line version. It connects and then it just goes into a connecting mode while flashing and it never actually works. Is there a problem with hamachi for linux? I have installed the latest version. I am open to other forms of VPN if anyone has any advice but one of the things i love about hamachi is that it is just another connection. That is to say it doesn't direct all traffic through it so you can always run it. This is important since obviously if i use a conventional vpn, the guest machine will run the net at the hosts upload speed. I am willing to try anything or if i need to run some sort of diagnostic on hamachi then please just tell me what i can do if at all possible. Also the remote machine is Windows 7. Please no lectures on why not to use Windows. I have no choice.

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    OpenVPN is quite expandable. Also they have a easy way to set it up on there website. Now I recommend keeping it simple. If it is for personal use you can set it up quite quick and easy to use only a ca.crt and a client key. The client config files are recognized across Windows, Linux, and Mac so one conifg file for all your clients. Just follow the walk through on openvpn's website and you will be set. I have replaced a empire of hamachi clients for my business with OpenVPN and have never looked back. There VPN clients that they offer are great and easy to work with as well (across all platforms).

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