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    Security camera setup

    ME and my dad were planning to go to south Africa but he wants to make sure that te house is under surveillance of security camera's.. what my dad has done, is that he has made a pc that has Linux installed onto it, what we want to do is make it so while we are in south Africa we can view exactly what is happening over in Australia (with the security camera).

    Is it possible to make it so the computer in Australia that is recoding everything that's happening in Australia with the security cameras and sending it to a computer in south Africa so we can watch who is coming onto our property. and it must be LINUX COMPATIBLE, the software of whatever

    Please help me i dont know ANYTHING about Linux, well i do but not much im a new please forgive me if i accidentally make u mad off cause i don't know much about Linux
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    Hi and welcome to this forum,

    why would you want the data to be sent over to another pc in africa? You could take a look at the data directly accessing the computer in australia. Anyway, rsync should do the job. All you need is to look at the manual pages:

    man rsync

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    Thank you so much, i searched it and it seems to be quite interesting ill metion it to my dad and my dad will take another look at it
    But THANK YOU SO MUCH, I never knew what it was. u saved so much of my time, ill tell u if i need help after i get confirmation from my dad.
    Shoukd i change the threads name to linux Rsync, What should i name it so it gets more attention?

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