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    Can't Auto Mount Samba via name only IP

    Hi All,

    I have a system that I want to auto mount a samba from another one. The issue is that they are both laptops so doing it by name is much much better than by ip. Unfortunately when I try to mount by name with this in my samba:

    //joel-studio1737/music/ /media/networked cifs username=someone,password=yeahright 0 0

    it fails saying it can't find the location but if I mount it like this:

    // /media/networked cifs username=againsomeone,password=maybemaybenot 0 0

    it works fine. The ip obviously is going to change depending on what network the two systems are on. Any ideas??
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    In the smb.conf file there is a line starting with

    name resolve order =

    make sure that the first entry is bcast

    It will use broadcast to do name resolution before
    attempting dns or other methods. Probably your only
    hope with laptops and IP addresses that change a lot.

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