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    I've got mine working finally!

    of course not official as it's a dynamic IP so it wont be of much use but hey..

    Not sure how it happened of course but all i changed from last time is to change my fstab and samba.conf to give rw access to all. already had my router set to allow traffic through to it's internal ip and all that... so i'm guessing maybe it's a samba access problem more than anything?

    Not that this would be the safest way of doing it no doubt, but atleast i know it can work atleast...

    hope this is of any help to you..

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    i'm not doing anything to do with samba. i'm trying to run a webserver, and it works locally. it's just a matter of my router being a P.O.S.

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    Re: Tunnelling Traffic To computer on my lan

    Quote Originally Posted by lakerdonald
    I've finally gotten a domain name! And so now i'm trying to host my site with apache on my laptop. The problem is, I can't get my router to tunnel traffic on port 80 to When I connect to, everything works, but when i try from my domain or my ip address, it won't connect. I have tried to set up my router to tunnel the traffic, but it won't work!
    my router is a DLink DI-524

    hey afaik you might have trouble going to the outer ip address because your router doesnt do loopback very well, try to ask someone to go from their computer to that domain it might work.

    (you lan ip address)--->router<---(exterior ip address you) doesnt work
    (lan ---->) router -----> (lan) does
    (lan--->) router(---->someone else exteior ip) worked for me

    this was an example of the problem when iwas trying to set up a webcast radio, the server type isnt the problem, its what is in your iptables and firewall rules of your router that matters

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    okay, i just did a fresh reinstall of linux, so after i get apache back up, i'll ask some people to try and access my site.

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    heh find a cheep box (go dumpster diving)and set up a linux router for the cost of 2 nic's
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    i wish i had more computer stores around where I live. There's only a compusa whos dumpster appears be inside a loading bay at the back of the store...

    but back to lakerdonald's problem, i can't help much, except to reccomend the Motorola WR850G which has served me very well for $50-$60
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