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    Samba, Windows, and my retracting hairline

    I want my Linux box to be part of a windows domain (the windows domain is on ADS using win2000). I want people to be able to log into the gnome gui with their windows usernames and passwords and have the linux box log them in by referencing their login name to a winbox server running ADS and have that winbox give them authentication and not have to create the account locally on the LinBox.

    My LinBox is running Fedora core 2 with gnome as my gui. I just downloaded fedora from the fedora website about a month ago so it's fairly up to date. Now I've read some stuff about the "samba server configuration tool" (I use the gui a lot to do my stuff but sometimes i can muck around in the command line). In the Samba Server Configuration Tool it has an authentication mode menu that asks for ADS or User or other stuff. Now I've read that I should choose ADS and then use the *net* command to make the samba machine a part of the ADS *realm*. Does realm mean Domain?

    Also, is there any tool that will allow me to let people use the LinBox and run some windows kinda things? (I know I'm reaching with that request). Is there the equivalent of terminal services for Linux though? Where someone could have their local box a linux box and they could *terminal service* or whatever into a windows box to run some windows only apps?

    Also, is there any type of guide out there for integrating a few linux boxs into a windows ADS network?

    Thanks all for your time.

    Confused in a Windows world

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    I could be wrong on this, but I believe that Microsoft ADS uses the kerberos 5 ticketing system, so I believe all you need to do is install the kerberos packages, and modify your system authintication type to kerberos, pointing to your ADS for the authentication needs. However, if you wish to share any filesystems on the linux box, or utilize any windows shares you would need to configure samba as well for that part.

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