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    Unhappy cannot ssh in to network, only out

    All incoming ssh requests are timing out. This began happening suddenly and I can't think of anything that would have recently changed to cause it. There were periods of outage on the ISP's end recently, but I can't think how that would have caused this. Also the modem, router, and machines running sshd have all been rebooted.

    Machines on the local network can ssh each other and ssh out. External machines cannot complete a traceroute to the server IP, and it remains to be tested whether the server can traceroute to the external clients I have been testing with (it probably can; I'm not having any outbound connection issues).

    External machines can ping the WAN IP and connect to other services running behind the router, such as httpd, but ssh always times out from outside the network.

    Port forwarding has been set correctly on the router for a while; router settings had not been recently altered and I got the same results testing with multiple different ports and even with the router firewall off.

    What can be causing this? What should I check next? What relevant config files should I post?


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    Check your setting once again to ensure they haven't changed. Also ask your ISP if they are blocking the port that you are using.


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    Thanks for your reply. This is no longer an issue. I don't even know what the solution was. I found that there are bugs in the scripts on the router's http page to set the forwarding settings, so that ports are not necessarily forwarded the way the interface reflects. Also the remote connection may have been firewalled at some point. I remember now, when I actually got this working again, I did it by changing a different port to be forwarded to a different machine on the same subnet. Makes sense to me.

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