In setting up virtual machines, i used a network bridge to connect the network-interface of my host device with that of the guest...

for this I had to create a script for the bridge (br1) where I had mention an IP address for the bridge ( was following a procedure, which said i should)

Once I setup that bridge, i was able to access my VM externally through SSH..

So my doubt basically, where is the need for a network bridge to have an Ip.. I certainly havent found the need to use it so far and am wondering if there is any of it at all

So is there any?

Also, on the same topic, if it should have an IP address, should it have an ip within the same subnet as the host : I mean if host ip is : a.b.c.<some number> , should the ip of the bridge be of the form : a.b.c.<any number> ?

Any help is appreciated

Thanks for your time