I have 2 linksys routers which has linux running on it and using tomato firmware.. both has internet lines plugged on but only 1 acts as DHCP server (router 1) What I am having to achieve is that all packets goes to router 1 from internal IPs want to access internet will go out to that internet line but from 1 specific port, if router 1 detects packets from a specific source port (for ex: http port: 80), it will redirect that packet to router 2 and goes out to the internet from there.. I have found some documents which give solution that I will need a linux servers with 2 ethernet cards and then we plug both internet lines on that server and routing base on it but I do not want to do that because my boss does not want to have an extra work mantaining that server, besides, he says that the router itself already a linux one so why.. I tend to agree his points.. Can it be done or a seperate linux server acting as a router is a must?
Thank you all in advance and really look forward in your replies.. I am newbie to linux network and it seems to be something out of my capacity to solve

Your sincerely!
Duc To