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    Unreliable Wi-Fi

    I just set up my laptop wireless, and it works ok, but from time to time it just goes out...The only way i can get it to work is to restart the computer. It's not the signal, because it still happens in the same room as the router, and it doswn't happed to any of my other computers on the wireless network. When I watch the output during startup, it tries to bring up eth1(my wireless), but it says orinoco_cs driver not present. Then when the computer is fully booted up, the wireless works fine, till it just dies. What could help this? Powercycle (if so, how do i do that?) Im sure it's just something simple that im not doing...

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    Ok, i got some new info on this, when i shut the computer down, before it start the shut down readout, it says the followiing:

    eth1 Error 110 Writing TX Descriptor to BAP

    does anyone know what this means? or how to solve it? would it explain the wi-fi going down from time to time?
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    I had the same problem with Red Hat 8.0 I finally fixed it with by changing to prism 2 drivers vs orinoco, but the next time I reinstalled on the laptop I installed it with the wireless card in the laptop during the install and never had an issue since

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    mines not a card, its built in. I do have a PCMCIA wireless card thats just sitting around. How would i go about installing that???
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