I am installing Squid to act as our Transparent Proxy, Caching Server. Is there a way to configure the squid to also act as Load Balancer?

Here's the scenario.

IP Block: 172.10.10.x

IP Block: 172.10.20.x

IP Block: 172.10.30.x

I have a server which as 2 LAN cards, 1 connected to the Internet and 1 connect to Local switch.

1. How can I configure to have the above IP blocks to be able to connect to the Local LAN? Should I create Virtual Interfaces? if so, how? or do I need to add more physical LAN cards?

2. How do I configure, let say, DEPT1 with IP Block 172.10.10.x can only have this amount of bandwidth (1mbps), and DEPT2 with IP Block 172.10.20.x can have 2mbps) and so on...

3. We have 150 personnel connecting to the internet.. Do you think 1 server with i3 and 2GB ram will do? I want to have DHCP, Proxy, Caching and bandwidth monitoring in 1 server.