Hi, forum members!

I have:
1. Fedora-13 32-bits linux system with 3 ethernet interfaces;
2. Firewall Builder v. 3.0.7 installed on linux system;
3. Firewall "Gate" created with Firewall Builder;
4. Firewall "Gate" compiles successfully;
5. When I try to publish firewall "Gate", the process terminates with an error (see below).
* firewall name : gate
* user name : root
* management address : my_LAN_Ethernet_IP_address
* platform : iptables
* host OS : linux24
* Loading configuration from file /home/aUser/my_first.fwb

Копируется файл /home/aUser/gate.fw -> my_LAN_Ethernet_IP_address:/etc/

lost connection
SSH сессия прервалась, статус выхода: 1
I have troubleshooting ssh access to the firewall recomendations:
... verify that the ssh daemon is working on the firewall, that the existing firewall policy does not block ssh access and that ssh daemon configuration in /etc/ssh/sshd_config permits login for root,
but I don't know how to check this recomendations because I have no experience in linux systems usage ... :o(

Can anybody help me in step-by-step actions guide?

Thanks a lot,