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    Please help me with this :)

    I have a boss that insists on being a pain in my bottom. He says to me that Hardware firewalls are better, I dont disagree with him, he is right to some extent. I showed him IPTABLES and he said "wouldnt you need to create a routing table like route add blah blah blah. I said no because IPTABLES is the one routing the packets if its configured as a router. I said to him that ROUTING TABLES are redunant because IPTABLES does it all for you. He told me I was wrong. He said its just a firewall. Who is right??

    Can someone shed some light on this. He confused me and need some clarification.

    If I was to clear my routing table under linux like route blah blah blah, would IPTABLES be able to take over the routing decisions and route all the packets itself?

    If Iptables can be used as a router, it must have the ability to do what I am talking about. It is a layer 3 program..

    By the way. LINUX PROGRAMS ARE --F'n AWESOME!!!

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    Hello and welcome!

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