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    Remote Server File Sharing

    I have a remote CentOS 5.5 server that I want to use to share files that are accessible from anywhere, yet as secure as possible. Here is what I am working with.

    Remote Server:
    CentOS 5.5 x86_64
    I have full SSH access to it and have an IP address that can be dedicated to the file sharing process. It has WHM and cPanel available if that helps anyone (it is also being used to host a website).

    Most work stations will be running Windows 7, though some Vista (possibly XP but pretty rare) and a Linux computer (distribution changes, my home computer currently CentOS for testing purposes and Mint for general use).

    Mainly documents and the like, PDF files, Word documents, Excel files, a few Access databases.

    My ideal setup is to have a local drive mapped to the remote folder on the server so that users can interact with the files directly (as opposed to requiring they be downloaded and then uploaded through FTP). There are also a few Access databases that would require concurrent access directly on the server so multiple people can view and edit it.

    Simplicity is key here, as complicated setup would require personal intervention as would any problems. Security is also a concern, we may at some point want to enable people to download some files (through links on the website) there are some files that need to be unavailable to the public.

    Most things I can find recommend SFTP or SSH, but as the majority of people accessing the files know little to nothing about that I am hoping to get some alternative recommendations. Other recommendations suggest samba, but the info seems geared toward files on a server that is on a local network, I need to access them though a remote network, i.e. an IP address. I thought about just setting up a folder on the website and password protecting certain directories, and while that would work to just download and access the files, it wouldn't work for editing and for the Access files that need concurrent users.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Edit: I think I may be figuring it out, but is there a way to bind a specific IP to a designated folder? I have a free IP address and it would simplify things if I could just point to it and be in the shared folder i.e. putting //111.222.333.44/ in Windows Explorer and it would be like typing C:/.
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    If u want have serious document management/ filesharing, use Alfresco services..

    I U don't want to install any "huge" additional software - use Apache web-dav or even cifs - on all those systems U can inplement ldap authentication, AD auth, ... -it's easy managable

    If U want Web access - i recommend alfresco/share applications - secure, easy managable, web, ftp, cifs and webdav access

    And also, U can map everything to windows system

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