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    Reconnecting to server from Putty

    I am access my linux box remotely using putty. I ran some build process on the remote machine. I lost my connection and now I had to re login using putty. I dont know if my process has finished or not. How will I check that.


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    You dont give too much detail about what build process that is,
    but you could check, if the expected result is there. (whatever that is in your case)

    Other than that, each process started via a remotely connected shell will die, once the connection breaks.
    Unless the process has been properly detached.
    Like starting a daemon, or using screen.
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    +1 Irithori

    1. start screen:
    $ screen
    2. do operation:
    $ start_long_operation
    3. (optionally) detach with key combo:
    CTRL + A, D
    4. if connection broke or you have detached, reattach:
    $ screen -r
    More information can be found here:
    $ man screen
    If that build process takes really long it most probably has been interrupted and should be started again, just to be sure.

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