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    [SOLVED] ufw Blocking Synergy?

    Hello. I'm having an issue with ufw and Synergy. I'm trying to run my Xubuntu 10.10 desktop as a server, and my Xubuntu 10.10 laptop as a client. I can do this just fine as long as I either:
    • Have ufw enabled on my client but disabled on my server
    • Have ufw disabled on both my client and my server

    I have no custom rules added to iptables on my client. On my server, however, I have tried the following rules:
    • $ ufw allow from to any port 24800
    • $ ufw allow from

    Neither of these configurations works. ufw on my server seems to block my client's requests regardless of having port 24800 fully open from any local connection, or just flat-out fully allowing any incoming local connection.

    I'm not sure why ufw seems to be ignoring the rules I'm creating, but as it stands right now, the only way I can connect the two is if I have ufw on my server disabled. And I have tried to ping the two machines; each machine can ping the other, even if ufw is running on both. And I can ping the router, as well, from both machines.

    Any ideas on where to go from here to troubleshoot? I should probably also add that I am using the same configuration file that I do on vanilla Ubuntu (with updated host names, of course), and I have no problems in Ubuntu. This seems to be specific to ufw and my Xubuntu desktop. I can paste the code for my server's configuration file, if desired.


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    I fixed it, and I feel really silly. I set the rules to apply to instead of and now they're working fine. Sigh.

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