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    Wifi connects in Windows, not Linux

    Another issue I'm having, considerably more serious, is my ability to connect to wifi access points with proxies. The story goes, my school has free wifi, but you have to go through their proxies to access the internet (like at McDonald's or Starbucks, where you must 'log in' and accept their usage terms). I can connect, including DHCP, and when I type in any URI I get the redirect posted to Chromium's address bar, but I simply cannot connect to it.
    This has happened in Ubuntu and Arch, using at least a couple different network management methods (I usually use WICD but I think I started off with networkd). The strange thing (to me) is that my Android phone works just fine, so although I'm not completely familiar with Android on this level, I don't imagine it's the fault of Linux itself.

    Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated, but I'll only be able to experiment with this once a week, on Saturdays (when I have class --gotta do something entertaining).

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    Hmmm.. This is a wild idea, for I don't know too much about networking with proxies in Linux, but it won't hurt to try putting the following in your ~/.bash_rc

    export http_proxy=://<username>:<password>@<proxy>:<port>/
    Please note, that before the '://' goes that wonderful little protocol we use to talk with web-servers, http.. Unfortunately I cannot put anything resembling a link in a post until I'm at 15 posts!

    I guess that this is already handled by what ever networking client your using, but hey.. It's worth a shot, right?

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