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Thread: Bridge issue!

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    Post Bridge issue!


    I have a network config as follows:
    X.8 <---> X.41 X.40 <--->X.16
    where X.8 and X.16 are 2 separate workstations and X.40/X.41 are two interface cards in the same machine. Now I apply brctl bridging in the X.40/X.41 machine by adding both the interfaces to the bridge and thereby connecting X.8 and X.16.
    This part is working perfect. But there is no connectivity between X.8 and X.41 and when I try to ping at X.8 to X.41 it gives Destination Host Unreachable.
    Is there a way to achieve this since I require some message to be sent from X.8 to the X.40/X.41 bridge machine.


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    Could you please provide some networking details ?
    Such as IP address, masks, etc for these interfaces ?

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    also, usually, when you bridge like that, the network interfaces do not have IP. therefore cannot be reached by ping and such

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    Post Bridge issue!

    Thanks for your reply!
    Well the IP addresses are X = 192.168.0 in the above post such that X.40 translates to and likewise. The subnet mask is for all of them.
    This is a very simple scenario with only 3 physical machines connected.
    The connection given in my previous post works just perfectly for my requirement.
    I basically want an end-to-end connection between X.8 and X.16 and use the bridge machine for traffic shaping with dummynet.
    Can you suggest any other feasible way that can satisfy my requirement along with the ability to ping between one end machine (X.8 or X.16) to any of the bridge interface (X.40 or X.41)!


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    I did something like this a few years ago. as far as i remembered, the bridging interfaces did not have any IP (so you cannot reach them). in my case, the machine that was the bridge had a 3'rh interface used for management.

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