As of now I have one Linux certified laptop with new F14 install as well as a 2cd with F9 installed. Also a desktop with F14 installed this week. The problem is that the Personal File Sharing does not work. The two laptops can 'see' all three public folders on their screens. Docs and fotos can be moved between the laptops at will. Same data can be SENT TO the desktop and TAKEN FROM the desktop. However, the desktop can not initiate access with either of the two other machines, the desktop can not TAKE or SEND data. This is all on a GOOD day. Two days ago I had a major 'crash' which was noted by the automatic Bugzilla program and report sent in -- Usual daily operation includes several messages of; " DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply" -- or simply, "HTTP error unable to mount location" My firewall is now on with only WWW(HTTP) and Multicast DNS (mDNS) enabled on all three machines. Also, SElinux is totally disabled on all three units.
Actually my wife and I could 'live with' the good day situation if it was the 'norm' . However, the numerous small crashes that occur and inconsistent connections are causing a bit of stress and I admit freely that I am getting in over my head here. Any help/advice would be most welcome -we have been fooling around with this for almost three weeks. Thank you all jaredR