I recently went through the process of upgraded my Gentoo desktop installation after being without home internet for about half a year. I started by emerging, configuring, and building the most recent kernel that portage provide to me (2.6.36-gentoo-r5). After running the kernel for about a week, nothing seemed broken. Then I went through the 468 file long emerge --update --deep world ( emerge --depclean, revdep-rebuild, etc). After the entire process, whenever try to connect to anything beyond the modem, whether as a regular user using Firefox on Gnome, or as root trying to use links or the ping command, my connections are always time out or the packages are lost. I can access the modem configuration page, but that is as far as my box will connect. I am currently typing this post using a LiveCD, so I know that there is nothing wrong with the connection or the modem itself. Anyone have any suggestions on what the upgrade might have changed to cause this problem? Any output that might help you, help me?

I know I provided a lot of Gentoo specific information, but I thought I would provide everyone with an idea, as to how I got to this problem.