Hi Guys,

I have a fair understanding about Routing already, because i've been trying to figure this out for a long time now and really need to get my project done. Im at the point where i will try to *hire* help!!!

The main part im having problems with, is routing packets out to the WAN that were received while the Router's LAN NIC was operating in a Promiscuous mode.

Router Hardware: WRT54GL V1.1

There are 2 sites that are separated by WAN, our site and the client site. Each site will have a WRT54GL router that has 3rd party firmware on it (Open-WRT or DD-WRT), because it was planned to provide a VPN layer to extend the sniffer for our in-house Product named as "LS". The sniffer captures and decodes packets to insert them into a DB for "LS". At the Customer Site we can already use a HUB as a network Tap to provide a data stream for ourselves without interfering with their traffic. In-fact our current design is with the Sniffer + LS (and DB) being connected to the HUB at the Customer site, but now we need to extend this design by using the Router(s) to connect both remote sites so we can bring the packets to "LS" which is now running at "our" site. Please see diagram below:

New Design
Specialized Hardware
HUB ------> (Customer Site) WRT54GL Router (as VPN Client) ------> VPN over WAN ------> (Our Site) WRT54GL (as VPN Server) ------> LS with DB + Sniffer

The packets that the Router will be receiving via the HUB will not be addressed to it (via MAC or IP).

I have tried so far with both Open-WRT and DD-WRT firmwares and had little success. I can only get the packets into the LAN area of the Router, but they do not pass through the WAN. During my tests, i have managed to route some packets through, but they must be addressed properly. That is to use the Router's MAC in its destination and also a destination IP that is not local to the Router (so it takes the WAN as its default Route).

To me, this seems that it is more of a configuration problem that is at a linux/kernel level, because the packets get into the router's LAN.

I figure that once i figure out how get the packets on to the WAN, i can then go about trying to route them over the VPN.

Can anyone here shead any light at all??