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    Strangest problem while connecting to the internet I ever seen

    Hello gentelmen,
    This problem is the strangest issue I ever seen during my working in computer field for nearly 6 years.

    let me describe the scenario :
    I had an ubuntu 10.4 box, I used it mainly for programming, virtualization & other stuff.
    I've installed this box about 1 month ago, working on it everyday.
    About 2 days ago problem appeared when I just opened up firefox for cheking my E-Mail.
    I typed : & nothing appeared & I just seen the famous firefox page when a networking problem is around .
    I just wondered and checked the connectivity & the wire itself, but find no problem around them, while playing with firefox I just had a turned on virtualBox machine (Windows XP service Pack 3), I just checked the internet within vm & working fine, I checked my e-mail from vm (windows xp), I thought restarting the system might help to solve the problem but damn, problem didn't solved & still arounds ...
    Well, I searched through websites dedicated to linux networking & forums that might help, I did anything that faced to my brain , follow another people recipes but problem did't solved for about 3 days !
    Playing with primary & alternative dns didn't help, I did my best about solving the problem, disabling ipv6 from both linux networking settings & firefox itself didn't help also .
    After that, I thought reinstalling the linux might help to solving the problem, but install a new version of ubuntu, 10.10, I tried it, install it but the holyshit problem still arounds !
    I think this might be a bug on ubuntu distro, I tried Mint 10 & the same problem, reinstalling x64 version of fedora core & the same problem ... damn it !
    It's interesting that the same settings for TD-8101G TP-Link working fine for my Windows XP, Windows 7 x64 & the problem is arounds just for my linux distros .
    As I said I checked the internet for the problem & found nothing workable for me.
    I thought it's better to describe the problem & maybe another people faced with that problem .
    any help would be appreciated, I just will going crazy if this problem not solve anymore because microsoft windows is a fool os for me .

    Thanks .

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    Did you do an update before the problem happened? Could it be that an update changed or corrupted your linux driver?
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    Hi again .
    Yes, actually I'm trying to keep my system up to date as can as possible.
    But I installed 3 other different kinds of linux & without any update they are too slow in internet . **** !

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    Slow or not working at all?

    Please paste:

    $ ping
    $ nslookup
    $ tracepath

    Feel free to scramble your public ip.

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