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    Disable everything but VirtualBox bridging on physical interface.

    I'm trying to set up something like this, but on Debian and with VirtualBox:

    The guide shows how to prevent Windows from using a network card, except from allowing VMWare to bridge it to a virtual machine, so that the Windows computer would be shielded from any traffic through that adapter (since in the guide, that's the WAN network).

    How would I go about setting this up on Debian? I'm not trying to set up a firewall like he is, rather some virtual servers that would be on a different subnet to the host's main connection on the internal side of a separate firewall.

    Hopefully this diagram will make it clearer:

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    according to
    what I understand is that you are trying to set to bridge between your debian and virtualbox machines, well you need to set IP statics on your debian nics assuming that your nics are eth0 and eth1, eth1 and eth2, then in virtual box for VM1, VM2, VM3 add a network adapter bridged to eth0 and VM4, VM5, VM6 bridged to eth1.

    then you need to set IP static on every VM like this VM1
    for VM4 to VM6

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    Would that mean that the host Debian will not try to use the second NIC then? The reason I would like two would be to have some VMs in a kind of DMZ, so I can host game servers etc without worrying about it letting intruders past the firewall into the internal stuff. Preferably, the Debian host shouldn't even show up at all on the network, so it's not even evident that it exists on the internet.

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    you can use both

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