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    squid proxy configuration

    hi all,

    Is it possible to configure squid proxy to listen on two ports ,one is tcp the other is udp.
    so whatever the request comes to tcp port which wil be forwarded to the udp port.
    can i able to do port forwarding in squid.

    below is my sample program

    Tcpclient------------->proxy server------------------------------------>udp server.
    listening on tcp and udp

    my Tcpclient has to access a resource from udpserver.
    proxy server should handle these request.
    can anybody help me to give solution.

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    Squid will not do what you are asking. Nothing that I know of can simply "proxy" a tcp request to a udp request without implementing tunneling, and the distant udp "server" would need to be purpose built to handle the unwrapping of the tunneled protocol. In fact, such a scenario would require at least two of the pieces (client, middleware "proxy", server) to be purpose built to handle the communication.

    One method of implementing IPSec VPN involves UDP in TCP tunneling/encapsulation, but you asked for a proxy.

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