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    Setting up a Linux File Server on a Windows Network

    Have finally succeeded in setting up my new server so i can access and my webpages on my XP machine and also view them in the browser..

    Took me a while to get everything up and running i must say, it wasn't by far as easy as I had imagened seeing the things I had been hearing with regards how easy in setup Linux distro's should be nowadays and everything, but hey...

    Sorted out my php and and apache now, set up x11 and ssh so that i can admin the machine remotely...

    I got stuck on the bit where I was trying to share a drive on my linux server with my home network and also make it accessible to the outside world, spend quite some time looking for a solution untill i found this site

    just thought it might be of use to someone if the ever get in the same desperation i have...

    Now all I need to do is see if i can actually get see all of this from outside my firewall and sort out security...

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    Just as a caution, I wouldn't access my samba share from outside it uses unencrypted passwords = the hole world will know...

    There are other ways of accessing your files, one is to use openwebmail and there webdisk. (

    Sorry for this post if you feel it isn't a 100% relative to your question...


    in Linux Computing we Trust

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    Thanks, I must say i'm a little concerned with regards to security so any advice is more than welcome!

    as it stands i've got a dynamic ip anyway so it'll be quite hard for someone to get onto the server anyway, I cant even get onto it myself most of the time!

    Did manage to get onto it today however and the http bit of it is working so far..

    Would like to know how i can set up things so that anyone who accesses my samba share from the internet is only allowed read access, whilst allowing access via ssh to only specific ip adresses.. still working on that.. :


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