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    Change private IP to public

    Hi to all, Im still new to Linux.

    Im running ubuntu on virtualbox and I have a dynamic public IP assigned by my ISP.
    I have set my networking on my ubuntu virtualbox to NAT so that i would have internet.
    I installed apache web server and when I entered ifconfig on the terminal, it showed that eth0 has an address of I tried to access my localhost using the address of and it works fine.

    Now my problem is how can i change my private IP which is to into apublic address so that I can access it outside. Do any of you guys have idea on how will i be able to do this? Any help is appreciated, thank you. I am using a modem, no router.

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    Change the NAT Configuration to Bridge on virtual box

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    When I selected the config to Bridged Adapter it gives me an error that no bridged adapter is selected.

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    I fixed the installation of my vb and its now fixed..

    but the problem now is i dont have internet connection with Bridge..

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    what you mean with the bridge ... you dont have internet connection in your virtual host machine? maybe you have to set the IP static on you Virtual host maching

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    If you don't have a physical network card dedicated to one specific vm, the favorite way to do such things is:

    internet <=> vm-host <=NAT=> vm

    Thus one would have to configure vm-host's NAT to map requests to the vm. This is also the place to distribute requests across several vm's (most common algorithm is round-robin).

    If you have a physical network card dedicated to one specific vm, you could omit the NAT and talk to the vm just like any other real/physical machine. This solution suits best situations where many requests occur simultaneously. The reason for this is, that the vm-host doesn't have to keep tcp connections open and thus become a possible bottleneck.

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