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    Use Linux sever as virusscanner/bridge

    I am working on a security solution for a large company. They want more than just a standard firewall towards internet.

    What I am planning to set up is a Linux PC with two network cards. One for WAN and the other for LAN. The idea is that all traffic will be routed trough this server (by bridging the cards).

    The idea is to virus scan all data that passes through the server. I am no Linux expert, so I have two questions related to the solution:

    1. Is there any antivirus software that can be installed on a Linux OS, that recognize viruses that attacks Windows OS?

    2. Is it possible to configure this program to scan files that just passes through in realtime?

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    The answer to the first question: Yes.
    There are several AV programs that you can install on Linux.
    ClamAV, which I've used for removing viruses from infected Windows machines.
    Avast has a Linux version, which is reported to be quite effective, as well.
    Kapersky has one as well.

    As far as the second part of your question, I'm sure there is, but I don't have much first hand experience using these programs real-time.

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    I use McAfee VirusScan for UNIX and AVG Anti-Virus scanner for Linux. Both work well, though I haven't set up either for scanning files that pass thru in real-time. If you are setting up this machine to be a virus scanner then i'd recommend spooling the files to a local directory there first, then scanning them, then making them available (via client access to a local NFS or CIFS/SAMBA server, etc.) once they're done scanning.

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