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    accessing linux machine running apache

    hello dear professionals;

    i am learning linux so my questions may be simple but i appreciate if you help me,

    i opened httpd apache on my linux machine (ntsysv opened httpd service) and when i write localhost on my browser it runs, but when i try to access from another machine (write ip number on browser) running windows on network it does not show the apache running page,
    how do i make it work?

    when i install on windows i can see running from another machine,

    thanks in advance for your answers,


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    What distro of Linux are you using?

    Perhaps there is a firewall running on the Linux machine? Try temporarily disabling it - the command depends upon your Linux distro but is usually something like:
    /etc/init.d/iptables stop
    Then try to access the webpage again.

    Also, make sure your Windows PC can "see" your Linux PC - try a ping from the cmd window to test that.

    Check the web server logs, too, in case anything is being reported there. Again, depends upon distro, but try this dir: /var/log/httpd/

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    my linux is oracle linux 6.0

    i will try your suggestionsm and after i will let you know if it works,

    ping between machines are successfull

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    Thumbs up it worked!

    thank you my friend after i run the command it worked,

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    good. now you'll either have to disable the firewall upon reboot, or add a rule allowing port 80 out of your firewall.

    to disable iptables, it depends on your distro (tired of hearing that yet), but you can try:
    chkconfig iptables off
    if the command returns nothing, it worked. otherwise, tell use your distro and we'll help you turn it off.

    The more security-conscious way is to add the iptables rule to your firewall - let us know if you want to do that - a bit more involved.

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